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The Minecraft 1.9 snapshot 15w34a saw the addition of two new command block types, chain and repeating, among the existing impulse command blocks. Due to this change, Sparks plans to optimise all of the current and upcoming Gamemode 4 Modules for this change, to reduce both lag and size.

Snapshot 15w35a added new "needs redstone" setting on command blocks, increasing compactification even further.

Please Note: Updates will likely only be released for 1.9 official update. 1.8 modules will still exist; their pages will likely be moved to a subpage.

Identifier Edit

An identifier armour stand will be added to all modules to make sure that the module has successfully been installed. This will help with troubleshooting and most of the 1.9 modules currently include this.

Achievements Edit

Another new feature added to Gamemode 4 modules in 1.9 are achievements, which players can earn by doing specific tasks which usually have to do something with the module.

Module Statuses Edit

Module Updated For 1.9? Changes With 1.9 Module size (XYZ) Identifier Page Updated?
Bat Grenades Released Compactified, no longer explodes for players in gm 1 or 3 3*2 | 2 High GM4_batGrenades Yes
Enderman Support Class Yes Compactified

Shulkers now stop players within 3 blocks from jumping if an enderman is nearby.

3*2 | 2 High GM4_endermanSupport Yes
Damaging Snowballs Pending Yes
Weighted Armour Released Compactified

Now uses Armour stat to calculate weight.

1*6 | 2 High GM4_weightedArmour Yes
Undead Players Released Compactified

Snowball on head removed as nametags always visible in 1.9. Now works with Damaging Snowballs. Zombies are now tagged as "GM4_undeadZombie" so they can be targeted.

1*4 | 1 High GM4_undeadPlayers Yes
Potion Swords Released Compactified. Heavily reduced size and lag.

Added invisibility swords. Updated potion nbt to 1.9 format

4*2 | 2 High GM4_potionSwords Yes
Vorpel Swords Pending
Ink Spitting Squid Released Compactified. 1*8 | 1 High GM4_inkSquid Yes
Better Fire Yes Compactified

Creepers now only explode if they have >1.5 hearts left and are on fire. Fuse is shortened from 30t to 20t to prevent death before explosion.

4*2 | 2 High GM4_betterFire
XP Storage Pending
TNT Landmines Pending
Ninja Smoke Balls Retired
Desire Lines Released Compactified. Added wearing down of snow layers 4 deep or less. Sneaking/bow drawn players no longer trigger it. 16*2 | 1 High GM4_desireLines Yes
Social Creepers Pending GM4_socialCreepers
Deepening Snow Pending
Better Slime Blocks Pending
Mob Conversion Pending
Decorative Mushroom Blocks Yes No changes 16*2 | 3 High GM4_decorativeMushroom Yes
Ender Shields Retired
Vertical Rails Pending
Dragon Egg Hatching Retired
Custom Crafter Released Lags a lot less. Drops items used to make it. 16*2 | 1 High Info needed Yes
Record Crafting Released No changes. 16*2 | 1 High GM4_customCrafter Yes
Standard Crafting Released Added Notch Apple and Stairs to Blocks recipies. 16*2 | 2 High GM4_standardCrafting Yes
Heart Canisters Yes Changed recipes for both teirs. Changed max from 4 to 5 but first of each teir no longer gives double health boost. 16*2 | 2 High GM4_heartCanisters No
Master Crafting Table Released 16*2 | 1 High Info needed Yes
Recipe Shapes Pending
Sunken Treasure Pending
Disassembler Pending
Better Armour Stands Yes Now uses book and quill to apply settings and offers more control over stands. Also supports expansion packs 16*2 | 2 High GM4_betterArmourStands Yes
Liquid Tanks Pending
Equivalent Exchange Pending Will likely be merged with EE2
Lightning Rods Pending
Blast Furnaces Yes HEAVY lag reduction makes it playable. Glass block no longer required above furnace. Also smelts sand to glass and cooks purpur fruit. 16*2 | 2 High GM4_blastFurnaces No
Enchantment Extractor Pending
Boots of Ostara Updated Lag reduction. Now supports planting Beetroots 16*2| 1 High GM4_ostaraBoots No
Custom Terrain Pending
Structure Population Pending
Cooler Caves Pending
Dangerous Dungeon Pending
Tower Pending
Spawner Minecarts Pending
Soul Probes Pending
Zauber Cauldrons Yes Compactified

Re-Done from Hermitcraft Version

16*9*2 GM4_ZauberCauldrons Yes
Pig Tractors Yes Compactified, now tries to plant the harvested crop 16*2*2 GM4_PigTractors No

New Modules Edit

Module Changes With 1.9 Module size (XYZ) Identifier Page Updated?
Block Compressors Released 16*2 | 2 High GM4_blockCompressor Yes
Speed Paths Released 1*4 | 2 High // Yes
Poses Pack Pending Release 16*2 | 1 High GM4_posesPack Yes
Sweethearts Released 16 * 2 | 1 High Yes

Layout Edit

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