47 Shades O Green (Or "47shades o green", as depicted in the book title) is a rare book written by Crazyman47_, that was handed out during "Hot Hour" on the GM4 Public server. It is thought to be the rarest item on the server after Sparks' socks, but can be copied through arcane means. It is a supposed erotic novel written by Crazyman47_ and the title is based off of Fifty Shades of Grey, a popular erotic fiction book and movie.

Book Contents Edit


The book contains a series of random numbers. It is unknown what they mean.

Theories Edit

The Accidental Order Edit

Researchers theorize that the book was written in 6 months ago in the different, older dimension legend says was called "Public Server I". This dimension follows different Gamemode 4 laws - more archaic and varied to the known "Public Server II" dimension. Some researchers claim that these are Crazyman47_'s sacred numbers that will lead seekers of numeracy to maths enlightenment. Other researchers claim that the numbers may be a puzzle to unlock a gateway portal back to theorized Public Server I.

A gathering of men, women and mooshrooms have formed "The Accidental Order", an order claiming to be ordered to ordering the math orders of Crazyman47_'s orders. They are led by the least-menacing of the cult, Head Priestess Keith.

The Accidental New Year's Party Theory Edit

After a night of celebrating New Years, the Accidental Games crew took to alcohol. After just two minutes they were knocked unconscious by the alcohol from Sparks' secret alcohol module, and lay on the carpet for a week before reawakening. During this time Crazyman's grandma and all powerful wizard visited them. She had created a spell to make the Gamemode 4 Server lag-free, and she was going to give it to Sparks as a present, but the almighty sorcerer Jonpot threatened to kill the wizard there and then, but she ran off, leaving this book as a number by which to contact her.

Many leading scientists believe that this is the key to a lag-free server and all enlightenment will be achieved should the numbers be decoded. However, they criticize Crazyman's publishing as a book, as if another powerful sorcerer should find it they could kill Crazyman's grandma and destroy the powerful spell.