The "5 Days of Christmas" event happened on the Public Server II from 16th December to 21st December. There were five different challenges, one each day.

Day 1: The Hunt Edit

Im A Key featured in this event, giving clues out on his twitter.

Hunters first had to find three wither skulls. Each skull had a custom name and the lore: Lost Relic Of The Mythical Jack Frost.

Hypothermia Edit

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No date

Im_A_Key @Im_A_Clue
Day 1 of this Wintery event has begun,

Time for a little fun. Find a skull most will dread, Where a Captain lays his head.

This was the first skull. It was hidden under the clue above. ToffeeMax had the idea to check Denniss's boat, and there was a hopper there with the first skull.

Pneumonia Edit

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No date

Im_A_Key @Im_A_Clue
Crafty you all are indeed!

The next skull lies next to some trusty steeds.

The second skull was hidden under the clue above. It was hidden with horses in mesa, in the horse shop/stables. The horses were named after reindeers, and there was a hopper in the enclosure of Rudolph.

Frostbite Edit

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No date

Im_A_Key @Im_A_Clue
Well, well you found the 2nd skull,

Lets make sure this isn’t dull. Head to a frozen place to find this tower Where Im_A_Clue did not cower.

The third skull was found to be hidden in The Ice Fortress in the suburbs of Paw Peaks, after about 15 minutes of hunting.

Boss Edit

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No date

Im_A_Key @Im_A_Clue
The final skull has been collected.

Assemble my friend Jack Frost and fight him to the death. He will drop something on his last breath.

"Jack Frost" was a custom named witherboss. It dropped a "Winter Star", with the lore "add it to the key location and check twitter".

Winter Island Edit

The final part of the quest involved going to Winter Island, the home of Im A Key. The winter star then had to be put into a keyhole, and the event was finished for the day.

Day 2: Maze Run Edit

After a late beginning the remaining people had to make their way over to the large snowman of Winter Island.

The Cave Edit

They first had to go into a cave with more buttons and clues. They found a secret way into a long cave filled with winter guardians. Most people died due to lack of gear. Those who survived had to go into the next stages.

The Mazes Edit

There was a barrier maze, iron door maze and barrier parkour inside the snowman for those who survived. Not much is known about these apart from the fact that they are very hard! Once they were all finished the players met in the top hat of the snowman, and that concluded that days event.

Day 3: Blizzard Edit

A strong gust of wind blew in some custom mobs.

Day 4: Earthquake Edit

Two cave systems with custom mobs were opened up.

Day 5: Boss Battle Edit

Evil Santa was the boss. It had to be fought three times, the last being the hardest. Players were then given the gift trophy as a present.

Each of the three forms dropped a sharp ice axe.