In the wake of GM4 2.0, tellraw messages (made to simulate earning achievements) were added to multiple updated modules.


Earn cool achievements!

Achievement FormatEdit

After somebody has earned an achievement, a message like this will be displayed in the chat. Hovering over the achievement will display more information about it, similarly to vanilla achievements.

Player has made the advancement [Achievement Name].


Tags and Scoreboards Edit

To avoid giving players the same achievement twice, they are given a specific tag if they earn a specific achievement.

Name Info type Achievement
GM4_SquidAchv Tag Natural Defences
GM4_ESC_AGet Tag Ender Aid
GM4_achvCstCraft Tag Clever Crafting
GM4_BFachv Tag Clever Smelting
GM4_BSachv Tag Clever Decrafting
GM4_achvCompress Objective Clever Crushing
GM4_BGachv Tag Batboozeled
GM4_BOOAchv Tag Green Feet
GM4_PSachv Tag Plenty o' Posing
GM4_BAachv Tag Gettin' Handsy
GM4_achvUndead Tag Risen
GM4_PSachv Tag Instant Regret
GM4_STachv Tag All my Audreys
GM4_DMachv Tag A Fun-gi
GM4_HC1achv Tag Can't buy me love
GM4_HC2achv Tag Love is all you need
GM4_HC3achv Tag All My Loving.
GM4_LightningRodShulker Tag Dr. Frankenstein

Achievement List Edit

There is currently only one achievement released, however more are to be released in the future.

Achievement Name Module Achievement Description Release
Natural Defences Ink Spitting Squids "Get blinded by an underwater squid." Released
Ender Aid Enderman Support Class "Come in contact with a support Enderman." Released
Clever Crafting Custom Crafter "Build yourself a Custom Crafter with droppers and a crafting table." Released
Clever Smelting Blast Furnaces "Create your own Blast Furnace." Server Release
Clever Decrafting Disassembler Expansion Pack "Assemble a Disassembler." Server Release
Clever Crushing Block Compressors "Make yourself a new Block Compressor using a Custom Crafter." Server Release
Batboozled Bat Grenades "Get blown up by a Bat Grenade. XD" Released
Green Feet Boots of Ostara "Wear the Boots of Ostara." Server Release
Plenty o' Posing Better Armour Stands & Poses Pack "Make your armor stand strike a pose." Server Release
Gettin' Handsy Better Armour Stands "Give an armor stand arms." Server Release
Risen Undead Players "Die and raise up an undead zombie in your body's place." Released
Instant Regret Potion Swords "Wither-ize a skeleton with potion swords." Released
All my Audreys Sunken Treasure "Find all Dearest Audrey messages in a bottle." Released
A Fun-gi Decorative Mushroom Blocks "Decor some decorative mushroom." Released
Can't buy me love Heart Canisters "Craft a Tier 1 Heart Canister." Released
Love is all you need Heart Canisters "Craft a Tier 2 Heart Canister." Released
All My Loving. Heart Canisters "Max out your Heart Canister health" Released
Dr. Frankenstein Lightning Rods "It's alive! Create a Shulker." Released

Raw Tellraw CommandEdit

If you wish to create your own achievements, you can play with the command below!

tellraw @a {"translate":"chat.type.advancement.task","with":[{"selector":"@a[c=1]"},{"text":"[Natural Defences]","color":"dark_aqua","hoverEvent":{"action":"show_text","value":{"text":"","extra":[{"text":"Natural Defences\n","color":"dark_aqua"},{"text":"Get blinded by an\nunderwater squid.","color":"white"}]}}}]}

History Edit

Date Description
28 Feb 2016 Sparks tweets out a picture of getting an achievement.
2 Mar 2016 Ink Spitting Squids, the first module to contain achievements, is released.
21 May 2016 Release of Public Server III, which included new versions of 2.0 modules with achievements (Heart Canisters, Poses Pack, Better Armour Stands, Undead Players, Custom Crafter, Block Compressors, Potion Swords, Decorative Mushroom Blocks, Boots of Ostara, Bat Grenades, Disassembler Expansion Pack, Enderman Support Class, and Blast Furnaces have thier server release)
4 Jun 2016 Released "Batboozled" achievement in module update.