Ald Isle was a town on the Public Server II and the continuation of Ald Shore from Public Server I. It was created by Slash_Stache and rarest_of_pepes and was located at 1725 5900. Ald Isle also won the Electric Sparks Awards for best small town.

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Ald Isle was located on an island which is mainly comprised of plains and oak forests. Off the coast of Ald was located New Hope, a town which was at war with Ald following the Fyidpot Rebellion. The people of Ald Isle also colonised a handful of islands near the town, to make up for the size loss from Ald Isle, the largest colony being called Merage.

The building style of Ald Isle is similar to the one of Ald Shore.

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  • Fort Pepe - A large stone fortress facing the remains of Ald Shore and the swamp, was always ready to defend Ald against attacks from New Hope. Built by rarest_of_pepes.
  • The Underground City - Under Ald lied a small city of lush vegetation. Players could build their own houses in the green cave. Built by Ballerboar and rarest_of_pepes.
  • Merage - A colony of islands near the coasts of Ald Isle. Made and managed by Laerite.
  • Ald Isle Prison - A large jail for criminals, who threatened Ald and disrespected its laws. Built by Dhast.
  • Pepe Square - A square displaying the image of a very rare frog. It was a classic meme marketplace, trading only the finest memes.

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