Banarnia was an island located in the south-east of the Public Server I world, resembling the United Kingdom in shape. It was accessible from Patchtown via Nether or rail.

Features Edit

  • An Iron Farm, built by Inferious77, deathsleet and foodiebonus
  • A Mob Grinder
  • A nether tunnel decorated by Bacony42
  • A monorail from Banarnia to Patchwork via World of Migget by foodiebonus
  • A Stable for horses
== Builders ==
  • TheBananaKing51
  • DrPiggy
  • foodiebonus
  • deathsleet
  • inferious77
  • UserNameTV
  • mikeyc18
  • VenomEX

Location Edit

  • Our coords are x:1574 y:65 z:1765
  • We have an overworld monorail: just follow the brown clay rail from spawntown
  • There is a nether tunnel accessible up a ladder from the nether hub

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