This module is a Stand Alone Module. It does not require any other module to function properly.

This module alters the mechanics of slime blocks, so holding the jump key makes you bounce higher each time you land!

Details Edit

When players hold the space key whilst jumping on a slime block, they will keep jumping higher and higher.

Height Table Edit

This table is made by Kroppeb and is made by testing and measuring.

Jump Number Height (Blocks) Height Gained
1 1 1
2 3 2
3 8 5
4 11 3
5 14 3
6 15 1
7 15 0

Better Slime Blocks in action

Bugs Edit

While this module works in multiplayer, it is slightly buggy and jumping behaviour may be slightly unexpected, such as other blocks acting as slime blocks.

The player can only start jumping when he has at least placed one slimeblock, making it impossible to let other people who haven't placed a slimeblock use your slimeblocks.

Technical Details Edit

Clock type 1) Fill clock
Clock speed 1) 20Hz (Once every 1 tick)
Commands per pulse 1) 23
Nested commands per pulse 1) 9

Command Overview Edit


Scoreboard Objectives Edit

Objective name Description
setscore Initialize each player.
time Detect if a player jumps or bounces.
slime Checks if a player is standing on a slime block.
Better slime blocks contraption

Overview of the contraption itself

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Watch youtube 2 Website

History Edit

Date Change
18 Dec 2014 Released Better Slime Blocks