This page is based on something completely made by the community. It is in no way official.
Blank chat lines are randomly occurring blank lines in the game chat. They happen randomly, and are violent and unpredictable. No-one knows their cause, but everyone cherishes the appearance of a blank line as if they saw the beauty of childbirth.

Hailing Edit

Since blank lines are so rare, they are "Hailed" in chat. This is done by saying "Hail Blank" or "HAIL!" to show your respect to the line. Anyone who does not do it is looked down upon, as this is a prestigious moment to see.

Lore Edit

Theories Edit

Many people believe that the lines are an attempt at communication from a different dimension from Crazyman's Grandad, who was sucked into a powerful vortex to the squid dimension, while watching Bargain Hunt. His family mourned over his loss, however he was still alive and just wanted to ask Crazyman internet questions, and is trying to this day.

Others say it it a representation of Crazyman's mind, while some believe that it has a deep and dark secret that, when learned, will direct everyone to the Portal back to Public Server I.

It has also been considered the work of IM_A_Clue or from NULL

But, unfortunately, nobody knows why this happens.