This module is a Reliant Module. It requires Custom Crafter Base Module to do some/all of its functions.

The Blast Furnace is a multi-block structure that allows you to get two iron or gold ingots from ore blocks instead of one. This module requires the Custom Crafter base module to be installed.

Details Edit

This module allows better ore processing. A Custom Crafter is needed for this module.

Creation Edit

In order to build a blast furnace you'll need to gather the following resources:

Item Item Name Quantity
Iron Block x 15
Comparator x 2
Iron Bars x 2
Furnace x 1
Glass x 1
Piston x 1
Redstone Torch x 1
Custom Crafter x 1

Place down a Custom Crafter where the center of your blast furnace should be.

Recipe Ingredients Custom Crafter Description
Blast Furnace Iron Bars, Iron Block, Piston, Redstone Comparators, Redstone Torch
The Custom Crafter gets transformed into the Blast Furnace core

In order to use your Custom Crafter to be used as a blast furnace, you'll need to make some modifications to it using the recipe above. The Custom Crafter will turn into a hopper (this step can be done at any point). A furnace and 7 iron blocks should be added around your custom crafter. The orientation doesn't matter at all, however, the back of the furnace has to be touching the Custom Crafter.

Now finish off the build by placing a glass block on top of the furnace and placing 7 iron blocks on top of the existing ones. See the gallery at the bottom of the page for help. Note: The glass block can be any colour and the blast furnace will still work

Usage Edit

Simply smelt the ore you want smelted inside the furnace. A second ingot will be found inside the Blast Furnace Output hopper. To collect ores in the same place, hoppers can be used!

Modification Edit

Further modification can be made to Blast Furnaces. For example, you could use Lava Tanks to power the furnace instead of coal. Or you could combine multiple furnaces to save some iron.

1.9+ Version Edit

The 1.9 version of the module, currently available on the Public Server III, works pretty much the same, except that Blast Furnaces can't share walls, ruining Double and Triple Blast Furnace designs.

Achievements (1.9+) Edit

Creating a Blast Furnace for the first time will unlock the Clever Smelting achievement.

Bugs Edit

  • Due to the way a furnace detects ore, in the 1.9 version for Public Server III, the last piece of ore will be not doubled.

Gallery Edit

Technical Details Edit

Clock type 1) Custom Crafter Clock

2) Fill Clock

Clock speed 1) 0.5Hz (Once every 10 ticks)

2) 20Hz (Once every 1 tick)

Commands per pulse 1) 20

2) 31

Nested commands per pulse 1) 169

2) 56

The fill clock2) only gets used when there are Blast Furnaces active (furnace is lit).

Command Overview Edit

An overview of all commands used in this module can be found in a plain text file. You can download the file here and open it with a text editor.

(Alternative link)

Scoreboard Objectives Edit

Objective name Description
GM4_furnace This objective is used to check what direction the blast furnaces are facing. Each time the module pulses, this value is being reset before a new value is determined.

1 = Furnace facing East

2 = Furnace facing West

3 = Furnace facing South

4 = Furnace facing North

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See More Edit

Watch youtube 2 Website

History Edit

Date Change
16 May 2015 Released Module to Hermitcraft Gamemode 4
21 May 2014 Released Blast Furnace

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