This module is a Reliant Module. It requires Custom Crafting Base to do some/all of its functions.

These nifty boots allow you to automatically plant crops from your inventory on farmland you walk over, turn dirt to grass and if you have Desire Lines installed, allow you to walk softly over grass without eroding it.

Details Edit

To use the boots, craft them using a Custom Crafter and equip them in your boots slot. The 9th (last) slot in your hotbar now acts as a settings slot for the boots. Placing carrots, potatoes or wheat seeds in this slot will cause the boots to automatically plant them if you walk over tilled dirt. This means you can harvest and plant crops in one pass. The crops will be removed from your inventory as they are planted. To make the boots turn dirt below you into grass as you walk, place a grass block in the last slot of your hotbar. The grass block will not be consumed.

The crops will be taken from elsewhere in your inventory before the last slot, so you can load up on crops before beginning.

Enchanting Edit

Boots of Ostara cannot be enchanted using an enchanting table, however enchantments can be applied to them from a book using an anvil.

Crafting Edit

Desire Lines Edit

For info on compatability with the desire lines module, see the page here.

Achievements (1.9)Edit

Wearing Boots of Ostara for the first time will unlock the Green Feet achievement. (GM4 Public Server)

Bugs Edit

Renaming or recolouring Boots of Ostara will remove their effect.

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History Edit

Date Change
04 Jun 2015 Released Module to public.
05 Jun 2015 Fixed a bug relating to crops planting on invalid blocks in SMP.
10 Jun 2015 Fixed bug caused by last update where only seeds were planted.