This module is a Base Module. It requires expansion or reliant modules to function properly.

This module adds Custom Crafters to your world! The module itself doesn't come with recipes, but recipes can be added using any of the available recipe expansion packs!

Details Edit

This module adds a Custom Crafter to your world for use with other modules! To make it, all you need to do is place down a dropper, facing in any direction, then place the crafting recipe of the dropper inside the dropper (see below). Finally, throw a crafting table on top, and voila! You have your very own Custom Crafter! For this module to work, you need to add expansion packs. There are many you can add, please see Custom Crafting for the full list.

Please note that Custom Crafting recipes can only be done in the Custom Crafter, and vice versa.

Custom Crafting gif

Breaking Edit

Breaking the Custom Crafter will return you one dropper, and a "slightly damaged" crafting table. This is a crafting table with the lore "slightly damaged". However, it works the same as a standard crafting table.

In 1.9 versions of the module you will also be returned 7 cobblestone and 1 redstone.

Achievements (1.9) Edit

Building a Custom Crafter for the first time will unlock the Clever Crafting achievement

Technical Details Edit

1.8 Edit

Clock type 1) torch and repeater clock
Clock speed 1) 1,67Hz (Once every 12 ticks)
Commands per pulse 1) 18
Nested commands per pulse 1) 9

Scoreboard Objectives Edit

Objective name

GM4_crafting Checks for recipes

1.9+ Edit

Clock type 1) 0.35-FallingSand clock
Clock speed 1) 1.25Hz (Once every 16 ticks)
Commands per pulse 1) 21
Nested commands per pulse 1) 11

Command Overview Edit

An overview of all commands used in this module can be found in a plain text file. You can download the file here and open it with a text editor.

Scoreboard Objectives Edit

Objective name

GM4_crafting Checks for dropped crafting tables and succes count for testfor commands.

See More Edit

Watch youtube 2 Website

History Edit

1.8 Edit

Date Version Change
5 Feb 2015 1.0 Released Custom Crafter
12 Feb 2015 1.1 Fixed Custom Crafter workbench dropping

1.9+ Edit

Date Version Change
27 Jan 2016 2.0 Module made to fit 1.9 standards
21 May 2016 2.1 Module added to the Public Server III. Fixed the crafting table bug.
5 Jun 2016 2.1 Fixed r=0 related bug where crafting table item is not deleted upon creation and added Clever Crafting achievement
10 Jun 2017 2.3 Updated to 1.12

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