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This module is a Base Module. It requires expansion or reliant modules to function properly.

This base module is the heart of the custom terrain system and is required by all other "Orbis" terrain modules.

Details Edit

Chunk Loading II

The green represents chunks checked.

This is a very large, complex module. The base module is responsible for scanning the chunks in the world, processing the chunk if needed and marking the chunk as scanned when it is done. Expansion modules are able to add changes to the biome. The module uses a concept by Wubbi to find chunk corners near a player, and searches outwards from that point in every direction, analyzing chunks as it goes. If a player stands still, the system will eventually idle, once all loaded chunks have been checked, and will start scanning again once a player begins to travel. This makes traveling more laggy than normal. Traveling to a new area by teleporting, starting a new world, or by going through a portal will likely cause a lag spike too, as the system suddenly starts checking hundreds of chunks. Chunks are processed 4 at a time in a 2*2 square. This will in future be referred to as a double-chunk. The double-chunks spread out from the player's location in a diamond shape, as seen in the gif.

Seed Random Edit

The goal with this module is to make every seed produce the same changes and additions, e.g. custom structures will always appear in the same place and chests will always contain the same items for every instance of a seed. The position, contents, etc. is designed to look random, but all "random" calculations are based on the world's seed. These "random" elements will be referred to as Seed-Random.

World Changes Edit

Currently this module makes two types of change to your vanilla world, terrain and structure, but more are planned.

Terrain Changes Edit

This module detects and "improves" several biomes through the use of expansion packs.

Custom Structures Edit

Structures will appear around the world, each with their own spawning rules. Some are biome specific, many contain seed-random elements such as chests and spawners. The module Structure Population adds spawners and chest loot to the structures; it is suggested you install this before using the custom structures.

Trivia Edit

  • It took Sparks almost 1.5 years to complete this module.

See More Edit

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History Edit

Date Change
Feb 2014 Sparks starts work on this module.
14 Mar 2015 Started beta test on GM4 Server.
13 Jun 2015 Released Module.

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