This module is an Expansion Module. It adds functionality to Custom Terrain Base Module.


This module adds a more challenging dungeon experience with custom looted chests and spawners. The Custom Terrain and structure population base modules are required.

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Layout Edit

The dungeon consists of three sections: two floors connected by staircases, and a small central pit. Each floor contains two seed-random spawners, and a spawner also floats above the pit, a total of 5 spawners in this dungeon. It contains two seed-random chests in the pit, containing up to three items. To get the loot and spawners, the Structure Population module must be installed.

Spawning Edit

Dungeons spawn when a coal ore is found at y=6 on a double-chunk's lower-most corner. If that condition is met for a chunk, the system attempts to spawn a dungeon at y=10. If there is any air blocks between y=10 and y=19 then a dungeon spawns there, if not it checks between y=20 and y=29 and so on up to y=50. If no air is found anywhere between y=10 and y=50 the spawning fails. This means that dungeons almost always spawn connected to a cave system, are more common at lower heights, and will always spawn with their floor at y 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50.

Loot Edit

The quality of items is determined by how deep the spawner is underground with better loot appearing in lower dungeons.

See the article Structure Population.

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History Edit

Date Change
13 June 2015 Released Module