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Dark Forest (aka Witch Dimension, Darky Boi, Fatal Forest), is one of the five discovered overworld dimensions in Gamemode 4D. However, despite being described as an overworld, it is truly a hellish echo of one.

All life that was once green is corrupted and purple, and any who steps on the grass or leaves of this world will be poisoned. The masters of this world attempt to torment any visitors who step into the darkness (light levels 4 and below) by subjecting them to random sounds out of their worst nightmares (random scary mob sounds, such as creeper hissing, ghast shooting, or enderman aggroing). When this fails, they turn to repetitively applying the Nausea effects to the intruders.

It is rumoured that some lost magic can be found here, such as the secrets of Enchantment Extractors, the full potential of Zauber Cauldrons, and the ability to create Lightning Rods.

Some villagers have been trapped in this world, and as a sign of their gratitude, they will buy your goods with emeralds and sell their own, in contrast to the Mountain villagers which take emeralds in exchange for their own goods but only give ender pearls in return for yours.

Entering and Leaving[]

To discover the Dark Forest link, throw a Zauber Orchid* into a Zauber Cauldron while in Lush; the closest player to the cauldron will discover the link. After discovering the link, to enter Dark Forest, use the Mandala anywhere in Lush. To go back to Lush, use the Mandala anywhere in Dark Forest.

*To acquire a Zauber Orchid, defeat the Witch boss in a Lower Caves Arena.

Linked Dimensions[]

Dark Forest is linked to only 1 other dimension. To get to it, use the Mandala at the location below.

Name Link Location Particle
Lush Anywhere Bright Green