Audrey is a character which is mentioned in one module, but is intended to be referenced in many more. There are letters written to her under the beginning of "Dearest Audrey," in the Sunken Treasure module, and the Gift Trophy in the Public Server || can give the wearer one.
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Sunken Treasure Edit

20 different messages in a bottle can be found using the Sunken Treasure module. A bottle has a change of 10% of appearing and will pick randomly out of the list of 20 messages. Down below, you can find a list of all messages that can be found in the bottles.

They were made by the community during a module development stream.

Dearest Aurdey, I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by things that aren't cubic.
Dearest Audrey, I drank all my beer, and I didn't know what to do with the bottles so #YOLO.
Dearest Audrey, punching wood for logs doesn't work in real life.
Dearest Audrey, I've been here for 3 months and after several attempts to find food, shelter, or even enough water... I'm giving up. Tell my family I love them, but most importantly, Audrey, I love you.
Dearest Audrey, I fear this may be my last attempt at finding help. I just want you to know... I always... loved.... your sister.
Dearest Audrey, Each day that passes is immensely terrible, painful and sad. Getting away from you just didn't improve anything.
Dearest Audrey, The compass you sent me seems to only point in the direction of our love, but that seems to have vanished long ago. Please, get help, even if it's the last thing you do.
Dearest Audrey, I'm in the sink sand. If you find my head, hang it on the wall of fame.
Dearest Audrey, Put the money in the bag.
Dearest Audrey, I know exactly who you are - play along. I don't have any money. I burned it all trying to make a fire. But I can tell you I've developed a very particular set of skills. Skills that'll make Bear Grylls quake in his boots.
Dearest Audrey, I find myself stranded on a barren island. An enderdragon took me here, please rescue me.
Dearest Audrey, What's is your phone number; bottled messages are hard to make!
Dearest Audrey, How's your day going? I'm good, BUT I'VE BEEN STRANDED FOR 20 YEARS! Thanks for your response.
Dearest Audrey, I have no internet so I am sending you a bottle.
Dearest Audrey, when I listen to the ocean, all I hear is your snoring and I cant sleep. Please silence your snoring... please, I need sleep.
Dearest Audrey, I seem to have run out of clean water, if you could return this bottle with somthing to drink that would be wonderful.
Dearest Audrey, I don't know how to spell your name, nor do I know you, but I do know that I love you, I feel like I have a mutual connection. After you ordered the pizza with cheezycrust and pineapple I just lost it. Oh no Clair you got shot... I mean Audrey. I don't mind that you're chunky.
Dearest Audrey, I mean Hannah... wait, no... is it Denise? ... Anyway, I love you.
Dearest Audrey, My boat was sunk by a lily-pad and now I'm stuck on this island.
Dearest Audrey, I write this on paper made from native plants and with ink from a squid I wrangled. I like it here. I found a dungeon. I'm setting up a mobgrinder and never coming home.

UHC Edit

Some Audrey messages were included in the UHCs.

Public UHC I Edit

Name Item Coordinates
Audrey's Last Apple Apple 118 67 595
Audrey's Lost Sword Gold Sword 545 107 416
Audrey's Sunken Boots Chain Boots 210 47 39
Audrey's Forgotten Book Book -492 78 401
Audrey's Shiny Pickaxe Gold Pickaxe -967 92 674

Public Server II Edit

Gift Trophy Edit

The Gift Trophy has a 2% chance of giving a Dearest Audrey item. It is paper named dearest audrey, with the following lore:
Quotes gm4blue

The snow is settling on the palm trees. I've attached an unusually shaped grain of sand for you. Thinking of you as the year draws to a close.

- Audrey

Trivia Edit

  • Bear Grylls is a British adventurer, writer and television presenter