This module is old and will not be updated. It can still be used with certain older versions of Minecraft.

A wonderful decorative addition to your world. If you grab a silk touch tool and a written book, then this module will add settings to the tool so that, instead of breaking mushroom blocks, it changes their texture! A very useful module for players who enjoy decorative building!

Details Edit

If you have any silk touch tool and a Book and Quill, when holding the tool you will be notified in the in game chat that it has been activated. Inside the book, one of the codes below must be written in it. Don’t sign the book. Upon doing these, it will change all mined mushroom blocks to that variant of mushroom block. Please note that the tool still takes damage. Mushroom blocks cannot be changed from one type to another.

Mushroom Block Variants Edit









Only the top face and the specified one or two faces are the 'outside' texture, and the rest are the 'inside' texture.


All the faces are the same texture.
stem The four side faces are the 'stem' texture, and the top and bottom faces are the 'inside' texture.

Achievements (1.9)Edit

Decorating some decorative mushroom blocks for the first time will unlock the A Fun-gi achievement.

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History Edit

Date Version Change
10 Jan 2015 1.0 Created Decorative Mushroom Blocks
10 Sept 2017 2.0 Updated to 1.12
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