This module is old and will not be updated. It can still be used with certain older versions of Minecraft.

This module allows you to re-fight the Ender Dragon in any dimension by hatching the egg! This is intended to be an end-game feature that will allow you to create fast-transport to spawn in your world by creating new end portals in the overworld or Nether.

Break the bottom glass block to let the endermite drop in the egg to start the hatching process


This complicated module allows you to respawn the ender dragon in any place possible. To begin, the player must place down an ender dragon egg and trap an endermite on top. The endermite should disappear. Particles should then start coming out of it and endermites should start being spawned. Endermites will slow down the process of the dragon egg hatching. There are several ways to speed it up. Firstly, the endermites can be killed to stop it slowing down. Also, endermen can come close. They will not only kill the endermites, but also speed it up themselves. Finally, if the dragon egg is placed on a lit furnace, it will also speed up. By doing all this, it can be hatched in about 5-10 minutes. An ideal place to spawn it would be the end, as it has enderman already there. However, it can be used out of the end for fast teleportation.


  • The Enderdragon will spawn when the GM4_egg objective reaches 48,000

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Date Change
28 Jan 2015 Released Dragon Egg Hatching.
19 March 2017 Announced by Sparks that Module not being updated due to mechanics in base game.