Bolt! of Lightning? No, of Ender! Wither mobs from a distance!

Details Edit

Ender Bolt is a custom Shamir which allows you to wither nearby mobs. For details on how to create a cast with metal band, see the Metallurgy page. It is found on a Thorium Band, and can be placed onto swords. For details on adding a Shamir to an item, see the Metallurgy page


When enchanting the sword, the Shamir is added to them. Using the sword will cause players and mobs in a nearby radius to be withered. Once a mob is withered, it can pass the wither effect, creating a chain reaction to nearby mobs.


Any player not holding an Ender Bolt sword will experience the wither effect, if within the radius of effect or by the chain reaction.

The chain effect cannot be passed to armor stands, item frames, or items.


Date Version Change
10th November 2017 2.0 Module is released on Gamemode 4D
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