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Triple Dragon FightTBD

The Triple Ender Dragon Fight was an event on the Public Server II, and the first monthly event overall. It took place on October 3rd 2015.

About Edit

As a reward for reaching the $150 Patreon milestone for October 2015, Sparks had decided to finally open the End and host the Ender Dragon fight.

Dragon Fight Edit

During the fight over 70 players battled the three Ender Dragons named "PO", "TA" and "TO". Each dragon had a different particle trail and a special attack.

PO had flame particles and launched fireballs towards the ground. Ta had green particles and dropped Creepers. To had smoke particles and dropped blocks of Obsidian. The Ender Crystals were also encased in iron bars and gave nearby players negative potion effects, such as Nausea and Poison.

Reward Edit

After the fight, all present players recieved a Dragon Trophy.

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