This module is old and will not be updated. It can still be used with certain older versions of Minecraft.

This module adds an end-game item to your world. Killing the Ender Dragon will cause it to drop three Ender Shields. These shields are able to absorb projectile damage if carried by players but take time to recharge.

Details Edit

When killing the ender dragon it will drop 3 music discs, known as ender shields (don’t put them in jukeboxes otherwise they will be reset). When holding it, it will protect you from any projectiles, however you will be unable to shoot any yourself. After 3 protections, it will need to recharge for a few seconds before it can be used again, so use it wisely!

Important Edit


Press the button on the module to get it started once it has been installed. When importing this as a schematic, you need to press the setup button to get the module started.

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History Edit

Date Change
18 Jan 2015 Released Ender Shields
24 Oct 2017 Module Discontinued

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