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Gamemode 4: Ruins
Gamemode 4: Ruins

Gamemode 4: Ruins is the name of a custom Minecraft world created by Sparks containing a range of Gamemode 4 modules and released for Bedrock edition on the Minecraft Marketplace. It can be played like a normal survival world, in single or multiplayer.

Ruins is a world download containing a mysterious ruined city at spawn (built by DuckJr). Among the ruins of this forgotten civilization, the player discovers various special broken crafting devices along with notes left by a previous explorer on how to repair and use them. Each crafter, once repaired, offers a different range of recipes. Various Gamemode 4 modules have also been converted to Bedrock edition and enhance the gameplay of this world.

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Included Modules

Module Name Module Description Differences from Java version link to Java version page
Bat Grenades If a player gets too close to a bat, it will explode. The explosion is fairly small and is more frightening than dangerous. Bats require line-of-sight to explode. They drop 0-3 gunpowder upon death. link
Enderman Support Enderman will give potion effects to nearby hostile mobs like creepers and skeletons to help them fight players Spiders and caves spiders don't get jump boost. Shulkers don't stop nearby players jumping. link
Damaging Snowballs Snowballs thrown by players or snow golems will deal half a heart of damage on contact with mobs. Retired from Java some time ago. Now a Bedrock exclusive module link
Ink Spitting Squid Players who's heads are underwater and come too close to a squid will be temporarily blinded by squid ink. This will eventually become a vanilla feature when update Aquatic is released. No changes link
Mob Conversion Similar to curing zombie villagers, cows can be infected and turned into mooshrooms by splashing them with a poison potion and feeding them a red mushroom. Zombie Pigmen can be converted into pigs by splashing them with a speed potion and feeding them a golden carrot. Mooshrooms are made using poison instead of slowness potions. Cure items are fed to the mob instead of being thrown at their feet. link
Custom Crafting See crafting and recipes section below Due to Bedrock limitations, crafters cannot be created. The player must use the existing crafters found in the ruins. link
Master Crafting See crafting and recipes section below No changes link
Disassemblers Allows you to convert metal and diamond tools and armour (that hasn't been damaged) back into diamonds and ingots. Placing the item into the first slot of the disassembler will break it down with a high chance of loss. See below for a detailed disassembly table. The disassembler is a hopper not a dropper. Material return chances are calculated differently. link
Heart Canisters Allows you to craft an item that incrementally increases your maximum health. See below for more details. Due to Bedrock limitations the functionality of this module has been completely changed. link
Speed Paths Grass paths (created by using a shovel on grass) will give players and horses who walk on them a speed effect. Horses are also given speed. link

Heart Canisters

A player in Ruins that has consumed 10 heart canisters

Heart Canisters are craftable items that can be eaten to permanently increase your maximum health. Crafted using the Canister Crafter, up to 10 additional hearts can be added for a total of 20 hearts of player health. If the player eats a heart canister and already has 20 hearts of health, the canister will act like an enchanted golden apple instead, giving the player temporary Absorption, Resistance, Fire Resistance and Regeneration effects.

The canister crafting recipe is expensive and requires ingredients found in the End dimension meaning that getting all 10 extra hearts becomes and end-game buff and is something to aim for as a long term playing goal.

As an alternative to crafting, Heart Canisters have a very small chance of spawning as loot in Woodland Mansions and Stronghold chests.

Custom Crafting

There are five crafters in the ruins. One in the center and one in each corner. Each crafter is initially broken and requires a repairing recipe to make it work. Each of the five crafters has a different set of recipes that can be used inside.

NOTE: On August 1st 2018, Gamemode 4 Ruins was patched to better support touch-screen interfaces. This caused crafting recipes to change. This page shows the newest crafting recipes but you can click on the links before each recipe list for images of the old recipes if you started playing Ruins before this date.

Basic Crafter

This crafter is located at the center of the ruins and offers some simple recipes to get the player started.

To repair the Basic Crafter, enter this recipe into the dropper. This only needs to be done once to unlock the recipes.

Pre August 2018 unlock recipe and crafting recipes

Name Ingredients Basic Crafter Description
Gravel Flint
Red Sand Sand, Rose Red
Sand Sandstone
Chiselled Sandstone and Smooth Sandstone cannot be converted. Only regular Sandstone
Sand Sandstone Slab
Cobweb String, Slimeball
Planks Stairs
Works with any stair type.

Complex Crafter

To repair the Complex Crafter, enter this recipe into the dropper. This only needs to be done once to unlock the recipes.

Pre August 2018 unlock recipe and crafting recipes

Name Ingredients Complex Crafter Description
Packed Ice Ice, Snow
Podzol Spruce Leaves, Grass
Iron Horse Armour Iron Ingots, Leather
Golden Horse Armour Gold Ingots, Leather
Diamond Horse Armour Diamonds, Leather

Master Crafter

To repair the Master Crafter, enter this recipe into the dropper. This only needs to be done once to unlock the recipes.

Pre August 2018 unlock recipe and crafting recipes

Name Ingredients Master Crafter Description
Stonebricks Stone, Clay
Doubles the number of stone bricks made from stone at the cost of one clay ball
Block of Coal Oak Logs
*Only works with oak logs.* Takes 8 logs instead of the 9 (plus fuel) required to make enough charcoal to craft a coal block. Also cuts down on furnace waiting time
Bricks Clay Block, Ladder
Makes 4 extra bricks for every 32 clay balls compared to smelting and crafting them normally
Lava Bucket Netherrack, Empty Bucket
A way to make lava a renewable resource


To repair the Disassembler, enter this recipe into the hopper. This only needs to be done once to unlock the recipes.

The disassembler, unlike the other crafters, is a hopper instead of a dropper. It takes specific items in the first hopper slot and returns some of the ingredients used to make the item to the player.

The Disassembler can return raw iron ingots, gold ingots and diamonds for the following items:

  • Iron, gold and diamond axes, pickaxes, shovels, hoes and swords
  • Iron, gold and diamond boots, leggings, chestplates and helmets
  • Shears
  • Flint and steel

Pre August 2018 unlock recipe and crafting recipes

Example item Example Result

IMPORTANT: Only FULLY REPAIRED items can be disassembled. If you have tools, weapons or armour that has taken damage, combine them in an anvil first to use them in the disassembler.

Sticks/flint are not returned by the disassembler. There is a 3/5 chance for every raw piece the item is made of to survive the disassembly. This means that for example, a diamond chestplate will return 0-8 diamonds while a diamond shovel will return 0-1 diamonds. In both cases, you have a 3/5 chance for each diamond to be returned.

Canister Crafter

The Canister Crafter does not require a repair recipe in order to start crafting heart canisters.

Pre August 2018 crafting recipes

Name Ingredients Canister Crafter Description
Heart Canister Obsidian, diamonds, End Crystal, Golden Apple, Shulker Shell
A Temporary Heart Canister is crafted exactly like a golden apple. See Heart Canisters for info

Notes & Planned Additions

Due to the large differences between Bedrock and Java edition it is currently only possible to convert a few GM4 modules. The ones that have been converted are included in Ruins but more will be added to GM4 for Bedrock as updates and bug fixes happen.

Bedrock Bugs/Limitations affecting Ruins

Due to an issue with the clone command, it was not possible to change the inventory names of the custom crafters so that they are called things like "Master Crafter" instead of "Dropper". Once this bug is fixed, Ruins will be updated to include named GUIs to make the crafters clearer to the player.

Because Bedrock has a de-sync when containers are cloned while a player looks inside: Entering a recipe will appear to cause the crafter to empty completely. It is necessary to close and re-open a crafter in order to see the result of a recipe placed inside. Once this de-sync bug is fixed, a patch will be released to improve crafter usage (if they don't fix themselves). This does not affect automatic crafting using hoppers.

Planned Updates

Once MCPE-30972 is properly resolved, Enderman Support Class will be redesigned to improve performance. Potion Swords and Sweethearts will also likely be added as they are blocked by this bug.


Date Description
10 May 2018 Ruins was revealed on Twitter
2July 2018 Ruins released on the Minecraft Marketplace
31 July 2018 A patch released to make crafting easier for touch-device players. Crafting recipes changed.