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What is Gamemode 4?

Gamemode 4 is a collection of Command-Block modules created by Sparks from Accidental Games and other module makers that modify and improve the vanilla Minecraft game-play experience without the use of mods.

There are currently two supported ways you can install Gamemode 4 modules: Install the module using the 1-click install or download a structure file and install using structure blocks. Older methods such as a world download or a MC Edit Schematic are no longer supported.



Gamemode 4D

Gamemode 4: Ruins

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Gamemode 4: Ruins

Gamemode 4 is now on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition! Ever want to play with GM4 modules on your mobile smartphone or Windows 10 device? Now you can explore a custom world created by Sparks with several game-changing aspects! Avoid exploding bats, repair custom crafters, craft health-boosting heart canisters, and more! Explore the ruins today in single-player or multiplayer! Available now on the Minecraft Marketplace.

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-The 4D Metro has been expanded

-The Mandala Town and Aether pages has some new photos

-Dark Forest is the newest discovered dimension in Gamemode 4D

-Gamemode 4D has 10 total discovered dimensions! See them here

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