There were two trophies awarded from the Halloween Event.

Cauldron Trophy Edit

The Cauldron Trophy is a rare item given to all players who joined the server during the event. There were multiple hints dropped about horses such as "HorseClue69 Has Left the Game" and "don't look the Gift Horse directly in the mouth", which is a common Ni No Kuni reference. It is also in the lore of the item - "don't look it in the mouth".

After a long time and a large amount of disappointment, a group of people figured out what the trophy did. These included Tomhelduf, Blitzek, Sheepe, Fyid, SWinxy, _MoonMun_, xLevonio and MC_ZombieSlayer.

Effect Edit

If you throw a Cauldron Trophy at a horse, mule, or donkey, it will turn it into a skeletal version. An interesting "glitch" or quirk, is that if you have a donkey with an inventory, it will retain it's inventory as its skeletal version.

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Rainbow Cauldron Trophy Edit

The Rainbow Cauldron Trophy was awarded to the seven winners of the parkour and pumpkin hunt, and all staff who worked on the event.

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This gives the wearer saturation and regeneration but also stops them moving, attacking or mining. The regeneration and saturation carries over to nearby players making it a good skull for quick team healing.

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The winners were:

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