This page is about the Hermitcraft Version of Better Beds. For the Public Server Version, visit Better Beds.

Are you annoyed by everyone having to sleep at the same time to pass the night on a server? Then use this module!

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If a player wants to skip the night while other players are online as well, but will not sleep, then that player has to stay in bed for more than 10 seconds in order to activate the 1 player sleep mechanism. After those 10 seconds have passed, a Command Block will execute the command "/time add 1000" until it's daytime. The reason for not using "/time set 0" is that that will also reset the local difficulty. Also, if you are a player that doesn't want the night to be skipped you have the option to kick the sleeping player out of their bed by clicking "Cancel" next to the sleep message.

Image of the message on the Hermitcraft Gamemode 4 server:

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History Edit

Date Change
16 May 2015 Released Module to Hermitcraft Gamemode 4.