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Hermitcraft Gamemode 4
Hermitcraft Gamemode 4A private SMP started on 16 May 2015 and ended 27 July 2015
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Hermitcraft Gamemode 4 is the special Hermitcraft private whitelisted SMP server with a combination of Gamemode 4 modules installed. There are 17 Hermits whitelisted on the server as well as Sparks and Crazyman47. The server was stopped due the release Hermitcraft Modsauce 2.

The server used Gamemode 4 modules; most were publicly released and some will be released in the future.


Hermitcraft Gamemode 4 originated as "the secret project". Sparks teased about it in several streams. It started 16th May 2015 and finished 27th July 2015 due to lack of interest from hermits.

Whitelisted Hermits[]

  • Sparks
  • Crazyman47
  • Biffa
  • Cleo
  • DMAC
  • Docm77
  • Etho
  • Falsesymmetry
  • Hypno
  • iJevin
  • ImpulseSV
  • Sl1pg8r
  • TangoTek
  • Topmass
  • xBCrafted
  • Xisuma
  • Zueljin

Special Thanks[]

Included Modules[]

This section contains a list of all the modules which were installed on the server. For all crafting recipes, see Crafting Recipes.


Module Availability Modifications to public release Credit/Creator
Bat Grenades Public Sparks
Enderman Support Class Public Sparks
Ink Spitting Squid Public Energyxxer
Custom Crafting Base Public Sparks
Standard Crafting Expansion Pack Public Sparks
MasterCraftsman's Workbench Expansion Pack Public Bluefire
EE Crafting Expansion Pack 2 Not Released Reworked Version of Equivalent Exchange Cocoamix86
Lightning Rods Public Eease
TNT Landmines Public Includes a crafting recipe for land mines Sparks
Soul Probes Public Eease
Zauber Cauldrons Not Released Completely reworked and expanded version of the original Potion Swords Module Bluefire
Minecart Spawners Public Eease
Upgrade Spawners Not Released Eease
Better Fire Public Sparks
XP Storage Public Sparks, The8BitMonkey
Ninja Smoke Balls Public Smoke Balls require a custom crafting recipe Sparks
Desire Lines Public Sand and red sand will sometimes be turned into sandstone when walked on Sparks
Decorative Mushroom Blocks Public Sparks
Vertical Rails Public Sparks, Siberian Hat
Parachutes Not Released Eease
Xp Bottles Not Released Eease
Heart Canisters Public Sparks, SpiderRobotMan
Blood Moon Not Released Eease
Blast Furnace Public Bluefire
Liquid Tanks Public Sparks, Bluefire, SpiderRobotMan
Better Armour Stands Public Stands are craftable with a custom crafter Sparks, EJ_Monkey
Mob Conversion Public Compacted Module torbray
Better Beds Not Released Eease
Custom Terrain Public Sparks
Structure Population Public Sparks
Dangerous Dungeon Structure Pack Public Sparks
Tower Expansion Pack Public Sparks
Fountains Not Released Eease

Every effort has been made to correctly credit module creators and contributors. Please notify Sparks if a mistake has been made in giving credit.

Modules marked as "Not Released" will either be released as public modules over time in the future or remain exclusive to the secret project depending on balancing. All the modules will eventually be released together as a downloadable pack.

Boss Battles[]

Boss Battle Module Included Availability Date Credit/Creator
Triple Ender Dragon Fight N/A N/A 03/06/15 N/A
WitherKing Boss Fight The WitherKing Not Released 26/06/15 Recabilly
Herobrine Boss Fight Herobrine Released by IJAMinecraft 17/07/15 IJAMinecraft
The Hermitcraft Boss Battle The Hermitcraft Boss Battle Released by Team Wooloo 27/07/15 Team Wooloo

World Download[]

The world download has been released on the Hermitcraft Website . On the left side of the webpage, select maps, then select Gamemode 4.

Modules Schematic Download[]

On Sunday, October 11th 2015, reddit user Omegampyre made a post on the Gamemode 4 subreddit. This post contained a download link to the .schematic file which contained all of the modules used in the Hermitcraft Gamemode 4 series minus the Orbis modules that were pre-generated with the world. Some of these modules are unreleased on their own as of now (Sparks did not mind the release though). In order to download the modules, click the reddit post, and click the download link contained halfway down the post.


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