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This requires the Minecart Spawners Module.

The hyper spawner is a glitch based construction you can built around a spawner. This construction highly increases the spawn rate by constantly switching the spawner between being a regular one and one inside a minecart. This decreases the tick rate a little when loaded, though it isn't confirmed yet.

Tutorial made by Kroppeb
2015-06-08 18.50.55
2015-06-08 18.51.12
2015-06-08 18.52.41
2015-06-08 18.52.45
2015-06-08 18.52.55
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Tutorial Edit

  1. Search for a spawner.
  2. Place 2 blocks down a redstone block (picture = wrong).
  3. Place an activator rail on top of it.
  4. Place a block next to the rail with a lever at the bottom.
  5. Flick the lever.
  6. Put a redstone dust on top of this block.
  7. Place a block on the other side of the spawner with a lever on top of it.
  8. Place 2 blocks on top of the spawner.
  9. Break the block on top of the spawner and place a downward-facing non-sticky piston.
  10. Place a block at the end of the repeater.
  11. Put a redstone torch on top of this block.
  12. Break the block on top of the piston.
  13. Put a block on top of this redstone torch.
  14. Place a sticky piston against this block facing the spawner.
  15. Place a redstone block in front of the piston
  16. Place a slab on the redstone dust. (This prevents mobs for spawning on the machine)
  17. Place a minecart on the activator rail.

Explanation Edit

When a spawner is first generated, it spawns a set of monsters so that when the player finds it he encounters preliminary guardians. The hyper-spawner simulates this first-time generation by repeatedly breaking it and creating a new one. It makes use of the Minecart Spawner module, which allows the placing of the spawner in a minecart and the ejection of the spawner from the minecart when on powered activator rails.