Ice Spikes was one of the three main spawn towns on Public Server II. It was located at 5630 -5660 and was the smallest one out of the three.

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Ice Spikes was a small and cozy town hidden inside an enchanted forest of ice, cold and unforgiving enough to keep all enemies away. At the height of the town, its central area featured many shops and community buildings, creating a magical theme like no other.

However, most of the town was destroyed during a cleanup by the town's mayor Voltage_LP. Steamedications followed on this with a project named New Ice. The project was subject to much controversy due to the legitimacy surrounding the whole project and whether Steamedications had been given permission. The issue was resolved with Ice Spikes being given a new mayor Jonpot and the project was scrapped.

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A Nether Hub is under construction by ArcaneArcher. It is made out of snow, ice and quartz. Due to Ice Spikes being a small town, it has only eight tunnels, which lead to players' bases, Amestris and Atlantis, Paw Peaks and SquidyWood.

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