A mysterious figure that only speaks in rhymes and riddles. He/She/It has first made its appearance on the Public Server II on December 6, 2015. Similarly to Im A Clue, Im A Key sents players on hunts.

Hunts Edit

The First Hunt Edit

The First Hunt occured on December 6,2015. After Im A Clue made its appearance on Im A Key's logo, Im A Key sent the players to the logo. The only four who made it were: SWinxy, _MoonMun_, Seikatsu7 and Dennis. When they arrived, Im A Clue opened a secret entrance on the ocean floor and said to follow the lights. After disarming all the traps, the players found a key.

After that, Im a Key tweeted an image of a base, and the four traveled there. Several people tried to follow, but couldn't catch up with them. As they arrived at the Mesa stronghold, the moderators suggested they travel by horses. However, Seikatsu7 was left behind due to the small amount of horses and a glitch. After the rest arrived at the base, they inserted the key and ended that day's hunt.

The Second Hunt Edit

Im A Key appeared again on Decmber 14,2015 and said to look for a X near a roofed forest, and that _EpicDonut_ is closer than it might seem. A few seconds later, Seikatsu7 found the X on a beach, near Terror Isle. The first to arrive on the spot were Dennis and raffhork. Seikatsu7 arrived seconds later, but heroically died by falling in a hole.

Five Days Of Christmas Hunt Edit

Im A Key featured in the Five Days of Christmas Hunt during day 1.

Gallery Edit