Jurrassic Sparks was an amusement park on the Public Server II at -3500 -800. It was the predecessor to Games of 4 on the Public Server III.

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Jurrassic Sparks was the theme park for Public Server II and was located on an island southeast from Plains. It was created, because there wasn't a theme park on Public Server I, which lead to disappointment among players.

The island on which Jurrassic Sparks was created used to be a forest island. Most of the trees were, however, cut down to make space for the amusements. After the first few attractions were built, some parts of the island were decorated, especially the x-ern part, where most of the attractions were built. These decorations include some acacia trees, leaves, flowers and stone paths.

Landmarks Edit

  • The Maze - The Maze was by far one of Jurrassic Sparks' most visited attractions. It was a medium sized maze with a glass top for spectating. It was built by dordir8.
  • CrazyCoaster - The CrazyCoaster is one of Dennis' magnificent rollercoasters. It is made out of red stained clay and also features some slime block action.
  • Sparks the Creator - Sparks the Creator is the name given to Sparks' statue holding a spork or a pitchfork, which is loacted at the entrance to Jurrassic Sparks.

Nether Edit

Jurrassic Sparks was connected to Plains by a Nether tunnel. The tunnel wasn't very decorated and only consisted of a Netherrack path until it turned east, at which point it was decorated with cyan clay, stone bricks and cobblestone.

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