I'm walking in the air. I walking on the same y-level.... and Levity allows you to do exactly that.

Details Edit

Levity is a custom Shamir which allows you to sneak in the air and stay at that Y Level- whilst not taking fall damage afterwards. For details on how to create a cast with metal band, see the Metallurgy page. It is found on a Aluminium Band, and can be placed onto boots. For details on adding a Shamir to an item, see the Metallurgy page.

Usage Edit

When enchanting the boots, the Shamir is added to them. Using the boots will cause the player to be "levitated" at their current Y level, if sneaking. Releasing the shift key will stop the levitation.

Using Levity with a ghast bag or shulker projectile will cause you to float continuously as if you were under the Levitation 1 effect, even after you switch away from the ghast bag, or the projectile effect would have worn out. These seems to be infinite, though not considerably useful since you have to hold shift to activate it, and the ghast bag can just do infinite flight natrually.

Cooldown Edit

After a certain distance traveled or time in the air, you will start to slowly descend instead of staying at the same y-level. The boots will begin to descend after you travel approximately 12 blocks from where they first pressed shift. Alternatively, if you stay within the 12-block radius of their initial location, you will levitate for up to 21 seconds before beginning to descend. 

You can extend the levitation length by standing on top of a block when the 21 second timer is hit. So if you walk off a block, stand around for 19 seconds, then walk back on a block for the final 2 seconds, then walk off that block again, you will not immediately descend. Instead, you will be able to levitate for 21 more seconds. 

One strange side effect of this is that if you stop levitating and start again within the 21-second timer, the game will treat it as if you had never stopped levitating, and you will start falling based on the 21-second timer of your first levitation. 

Limitations Edit

If a player takes damage whilst under the effect of the Levity Shamir, they'll be shot up into the sky.

Whilst under the effect of Levity Shamir, the usage of a bow, snowballs, and ender pearls is impaired. Any projectile will be sent straight up at high speed - while this makes a bow basically useless for attacking, it does make a very fast vertical elevator using ender pearls.

When in the air, mining blocks is slowed down, acting like mining fatigue to levitating players.

History Edit

Date Version Change
10th November 2017 2.0 Module is released on Gamemode 4D