This module is old and will not be updated. It can still be used with certain older versions of Minecraft.

This turns the rarely-used fire-charge item into a useful item that lets you escape for situations in a puff of smoke! right-click the ground with a fire charge and you will vanish in a plume of concealing smoke and appear a short distance away! A great addition to PVP situations, it can also be used to quickly exit caves as it will always take you to the surface!

Details Edit

Right-click whilst holding a fire charge to instantly teleport up to 50 blocks away! Beware that this will stop you using fire charges normally (dispensers are fine) as it teleports you all the time when used.

Beware when using it in a forest, as it also does tend to set the ground around you on fire!

The place you teleport will always be the highest possible place, so you can use it to get out of caves or onto a high platform! Its directionless teleporting makes it impractical for travel, however.

Hermitcraft server Edit

In the Hermitcraft release of this module not any fire charge will work, it must be custom crafted.

Name Ingredients Custom Crafter
Ninja Smoke Ball Ender Pearl, Fire Charge

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History Edit

Date Change
6 Sep 2014 Released Ninja Smoke Balls
19 March 2017 Sparks Announces Module not being updated.