The sixth season of Patchwork Ultra Hardcore is themed with a Gamemode 4 speciality, in which there are five Gamemode 4 modules installed.

This is the first Patchwork UHC appearance for Twinkles (Red), Recabilly & RedNomster (Orange) and Kairi (Green).

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In Patchwork UHC VI, Gamemode 4 was installed to enhance the gameplay for players. 21 players were divided into 5 teams of 4 with Crazyman47 specifically requesting to participate solo. The world size is 2000x2000 and begins shrinking after Episode 3 to 200x200 at the end of Episode 7.

Patchwork is a group of YouTube friends who participate in tri-monthly UHC events of which Gamemode 4 creator Sparks and Accidental Games co-founder Crazyman47 are members of. Patchwork UHC VI was organized by torbray, creator of the Mob Conversion plugin.

Ultra Hardcore is a survival-of-the-fittest event where players compete against each other to be the last man/ last team standing. Players do not regenerate hearts naturally and can only regain hearts through golden apples or instant health potions.

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In this season there are five teams with four players per team. And then there's Crazyman.

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