Details Edit

Paths (aka Pastures), is one of the five discovered overworld dimensions in Gamemode 4D. This dimension is a very flat, grassy plain, with occasional trees, and naturally generated paths; naturally generated rivers cannot be found in this dimension. The plains biome is the only biome found in this dimension.

In this dimension, paths apply Speed III instead of Speed I (see Speed Paths).

Crops and plants grow slower, and the dimension is meant as more of a building dimension, as it adds many block variations with the (optional) custom resource pack.

Entering and Leaving Edit

To discover the Paths link, mine about 25 stacks of smooth stone in Mountains. After discovering the link, to enter Paths, use the Mandala anywhere in Mountains. To go back to Mountains, use the Mandala anywhere in Paths.

Linked Dimensions Edit

Paths is linked to only 1 other dimension. To get to it use the Mandala at the location below.

Name Link Location Particle
Mountains Anywhere Dark Red
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