Patreon Trophies are trophies given at the start of the month to players who support AccidentalGames via their Patreon. All trophies have a "P" symbol on one side of them and give different special effects each month.

List of Patreon Trophies Edit

A list of all currently released Patreon Trophies. More come out every month.

Image Trophy Name Effect Quantity Produced Texturer
December 2015 Trophy Produces orange particles above head if worn. 28 Laerite
January 2016 Trophy Produces rainbow particles above head if worn. Also summons an unpickable tower of colorful wool. Unknown ~MC
February 2016 Trophy Produces heart particles above head if worn. Any entities standing near the wearer will also get this effect. 31 PenguinJ2
March 2016 Trophy Spawns unpickable rabbit spawn eggs. If a regular carrot is thrown at the egg, a random rabbit will spawn. If a golden carrot is thrown on top, a Killer Bunny will spawn. 31 Dordir8