This module allows players to quickly till dirt, or harvest and plant crops in a single pass, by whizzing over crops on a saddled pig!

Details Edit

Any saddled pig can be used as a "tractor." The player must have any type of hoe somewhere in their inventory while riding the pig to activate the module. A carrot on a stick can be held to guide the pig in a desired direction. The module has the following functions:

  • Tills dirt that is driven over
  • Breaks carrots, wheat, beetroot, and potatoes that are driven through and puts them in the player's inventory
  • Plants wheat seeds, carrots, beetroot seeds, and potatoes if the player drives over tilled soil with nothing growing in it yet.

Crops are only planted automatically if the player has seeds, carrots, beetroot seeds, or potatoes in their inventory. Every crop planted will remove one of that crop from the player's inventory.

On the GM4 Public Server Edit

The Boots of Ostara module was changed on the Gamemode 4 Public Server, removing the auto planting feature. Later on, when "secret module" was added, people figured out how it works and thus, it was given the name Pig Tractors. This is a concept of the horse/pig farming saddles module Bluefire had been working on.

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History Edit

Date Change
5 May 2015 Added to Gamemode 4 Public Server I as the secret module.
17 Oct 2015 Released module to the public
14 Nov 2016 Added a 1.10 version to Gamemode 4 Public Server III as a secret module.