Gamemode 4 Public Server IIIGamemode 4 SMP Server - Opened May 21st 2016 and Closed on 31st August 2017
The Gamemode 4 Server is a public white-listed server owned by Accidental Games. It is designed to give fans of Gamemode 4 an open server to play and experience a taste of what there is to offer (all modules on server will be listed below). This server is the third iteration (Public Server III). This server was opened on 21st May, 2016.

Although the server is public and is open to all, you first must apply via an application form to be white-listed. All previously whitelisted members will automatically be added for the release of the new Public Server. More information can be found on on the Gamemode 4 website and you can also view a map overview of the server.

Wiki pages associated with the Public Server are marked with a banner as such or in there title (such as Public Server III Town or Public Server III Event)

Overview Edit

Description Edit

The server contains 5 main towns that are connected only by teleporters or to travel incredible distances between them. The 5 official towns listed below are developed over time by the players who live in the towns. Other towns exist in the world, which are entirely constructed by the players.

Official Towns Edit

Town Nickname Biome X-Coordinate Z-Coordinate
Mega Taiga Taiga Mega Taiga -1200 1000
Savanna Sav Savanna -4000 -4000
Mushroom Island Mush Mushroom Island 2800 2800
Jungle Jung Jungle 800 -2800
Extreme Hills ExHills Extreme Hills -5000 4600

Community Guidelines Edit

The Server has no specific rules however there are a set of community guidelines to follow by. These are enforced by all staff and on the application form for when a new player joins.
Quotes gm4blue

Be Respectful - Let's keep the server friendly and fun!

Be Considerate - Griefing, cheating, stealing or non-consensual PVP will land you with a ban.

Contribute - The best servers are self moderating. Report issues to a moderator or community moderator

- Gamemode 4 Website

Installed Modules Edit

This article is a out of date. Some information might be incorrect. Please help to update this page, or the bats will blow you up!

Active Modules Edit

Bat Grenades
Better Armor Stands
Blast Furnaces
Block Compressors
Custom Crafting
Decorative Mushroom Blocks
Desire Lines (Ran via a plugin)
Enderman Support Class
Ender Hoppers
Heart Canisters
Ink Spitting Squid
Master Crafting Table
Pig Tractors
Poses Pack
Speed Paths
Standard Crafting
Trapped Signs
Undead Players
XP Storage
Zauber Cauldrons

Pre-generated Modules / Deactivated Edit

Pre-generated Modules are only activated one time to create the terrain of the server.

Module Pre-gen. or De-act.?
Custom Terrain Pre-Gen.
Dangerous Dungeon Structure Pack Pre-Gen.
Structure Population Pre-Gen.
Tower Structure Pack Pre-Gen.
Enchantment Extractor De-Act

Custom Modules Edit

These Modules are custom to the server and not currently or ever available to outside the server community.

Public Server III Teleporters
mcpeachpies' One Player Sleeping
Decomposing Horses

Player Ranking Edit

There are four ranks on the server. Ranks are not progression-based nor do ranks indicate extra survival features.

  • Donor - Donors have a gold-coloured name. One-time donation players receive this rank for a month, Patrons of the server have the rank until the end of their patronage.
  • Community Moderator - Indicated by a red "CM" in front of their names, Community Moderators can check for griefers / thieves on a server. These are assigned by Accidental Games.
  • Moderator - Indicated by a red "M" in front of their names, Moderators can check for griefers / thieves on a server, teleport to players in need and rollback damage. These are assigned by Accidental Games.
  • Admin - Indicated by a red "A" in front of their aqua-coloured names, Admins are responsible for the running of the server. They have OP (operator) permissions, can add, modify or remove Gamemode 4 Modules. Current server admins are Crazyman47 and Sparks from AccidentalGames, SpiderRobotMan and Bluefire610

Significant Dates/ Moments Edit

Date Moment
29th April 2016 Server III announced by a trailer on Accidental Game's Youtube channel.
21st May 2016 Server III opened.
16th August 2016 Dragon Fight event on Server III.
30th September 2016 Beginning of the 2-day event, Games of Olympics.
29-31 October 2016 The Halloween Event, took place
17th April 2017 Easter Event took place
21st May 2017 Public Server III's 1st birthday. All players who logged in received a birthday cake trophy.
8th August 2017 Server Closing Announced
26th August 2017 Live-streamed Server Tour Part 1
27th August 2017 Live-streamed Server Tour Part 2
31st August 2017 Server Closed

Gallery Edit

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