Ultra Hardcore is a survival-of-the-fittest event where players compete against each other to be the last man/ last team standing. Players do not regenerate hearts naturally and can only regain hearts through golden apples or instant health potions.

This was the first Gamemode 4 Public UHC, taking place after being postponed twice. A trophy was awarded to players who take part. As well as obtaining trophies, player heads could be collected.

Max. 64 players were divided into 32 teams of 2. The world size was ~1700×1700 and began shrinking after the 15 minute grace period until it was 250×250, over 90 minutes. Then lava slowly rose for 15 minutes from the ground until there is only one team left standing.

Modules Edit

The following standard Gamemode 4 modules were active during the game:

Nether was enabled, but ghasts gave gold and glowstone droped blocks, therefore regen and tier two potions were disabled.

Golden Heads Edit

Players would drop their heads on death. Picking them up would result in getting yourself one on the public server. As well as that, heads allowed you to craft a golden apple by surrounding them with 8 golden nuggets (you would still receive the skull as collectible).

Audrey Chests Edit

There were 5 chests scattered around the map with Audrey's Possesions. See page here.

Management Plugin Edit

To enhance the flow of the game and to help moderators managing the game and chat a custom plugin was developed by Sugary. This plugin would take care of team management, chat management and general game management. The source code and additional information (as well as the TBA documentation) can be found on the GitHub page.

Credits Edit

The Moderator Crew was composed of six players: Penguin, Sei, SugarCaney, Magier, Kropp, Tom and Doom.

Sparks Edit

Sparks let us run this event and use the server.

SpiderRobotMan Edit

Spider set up our own UHC server!

Penguin Edit

Set up redstone and moderated throughout the match and mostly prepared the server.

Sei Edit

Moderated throughout all of match and made some mini modules.

SugarCaney Edit

MCEdited redstone, semi moderated and made some mini modules and helped preparing server. Community management and plugin development.

Magier Edit

Semi moderated and made some mini modules.

Kropp Edit

Semi moderated

Doom Edit

Semi moderated

GeoGeo3 Edit

Wikia reporter, moderator, and photographer

Vilder Edit

Semi moderated, made lobby and trophy.

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