Public UHC I Trophy is a trophy given to the participants and winner of GM4 Public UHC I. It hasn't been released yet.

Information Edit

There are two types of the trophy:

  • A regular one, which is given to participants and moderators of the event.
  • A special one, given to the winner/winners of the event.

Design Edit

The textures were made by Vilder50. The trophies resemble a helmet, with a heart-like shape on the front. Each skull has different colours:

  • The regular one is light grey and the symbol is green.
  • The special one is golden and the symbol is aqua.

They also have letters "U", "H" and "C" written on their sides.

Player Skull Collectibles Edit

Besides one of the two trophies, each player is able to obtain other players' heads as a collectible. If you kill another player in the Public UHC I, they will drop a skull. If you pick up someone's skull, you'll be rewarded with the actual player skull on the Gamemode 4 public server. These heads are collectibles, meaning that they won't have any special effect like normal trophies do.

These skulls will be handed out in about a week after the UHC by the admins. If you fail to receive one, and you picked up the skull in the UHC, contact any staff member and you'll get the one yourself. It will take a little while to analyse the server log - so don't expect them immediately after the event.

Gallery Edit