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Res Novae was a town on the Public Server II. It was created by DJ_Fu and was located around -5575 5150. During its height, it had around 20 members, making it one of the largest towns.



Res Novae was an island port town located due west from Mesa. Its most identifiable feature was the large, circular pier on the eastern edge of the island. The name "Res Novae" comes from Latin, meaning "Innovation", as the main goal of the city was to do something that makes it stand out among others.

Res Novae was a fairly sized Extreme Hills island, located in the southwest portion of the map. It also included a part of the sea and nearby small islands, which served as small plots for members to build on.


A list of Res Novae's famed landmarks:

  • The Pier - By far the most notable feature of the town was a circular dock located on the eastern shore, built by DJ_Fu. The inner part featured some meat farms, while the outer part featured shops for players.
  • The Argo II - A giant ship, sailing the seas near the southern coast. Built by the combined efforts of Drakillus and Seikatsu7.
  • Nate's Pier - Dominating the western part of the island, the pier built by TheAmazingNate supplied the players with food produced by high-tech farms.
  • Southeastern Docks - These beautiful docks along with a classic white and red lighthouse housed the ships and helped sailors get home safely.



The following players were members of the town during its height: