RussiaAs cold as the real thing!
Russia was a pristine frozen wasteland. There was a bar, a hotel and lots of empty space! Residents were encouraged to build things to flesh out the town. There was also an (unfinished) message board nearby.

Rules Edit

  • Don't grief or be disrespectful
  • All farms are public if you replant them
  • Any space that isn't near a building is free space, but you should always double check
  • If anything is broken on accident, either fix it or put materials in a chest with a sign that has your username and what happened
  • If anything is broken on purpose, you will be kicked out of the town and can only rejoin if you prove you won't do it again
  • Absolutely no stealing, anything up for grabs will have a sign saying it is free for anyone
  • If you find a dungeon, don't break the spawner, light it up and put a sign with the coordinates near the tall beacon
  • If you need help with anything just ask Hiiamjello if he is on
  • It would be also nice, if you bring wolves or ocelots with you, but it isn't necessary

Gallery Edit