Sensus allows you to sense mobs through blocks, and see their outline! But watch out. If you use it too long, you may experience opposite effects!

Details Edit

Sensus is a custom Shamir which allows you to see entities through walls. For details on how to create a cast with metal band, see the Metallurgy page. It is found on a Barium Band, and can be placed onto a compass. For details on adding a Shamir to an item, see the Metallurgy page.

Usage Edit

Holding the enchanted compass will cause entities around you to be seen through walls. When holding the compass in your main hand or off hand, entities around you will have the glowing effect. The ability will affect all mobs in a large radius around you.

Limitations Edit

When holding the compass, it gives you the power to see past blocks, but if used too long, you may experience opposite effects. Holding the compass for an increased duration of time will cause you to fell nauseous and you will lose your vision. You may also get withered if used for a long time.

History Edit

Date Version Change
10th November 2017 2.0 Module released on Gamemode 4D
25th December 2018 2.0 Bluefire610 gifts ToffeeMax a Sensus Shamir for Christmas
30 December 2018 2.0 First Sensus Shamir is casted