This module is a Stand Alone Module. It does not require any other module to function properly.

A buff for Creepers: This module causes creepers who are near each other to have a 25% chance of producing a Creeper egg that, after a short time, will hatch into a brand new Creeper! Creepers can only breed once to stop population explosions, but this adds extra danger to your world!

Details Edit

Male creepers should have red stone dust particles over their heads and spawn just after a female creeper has spawned, working with the Tick based spawning algorithms that already exist. When a male and female creeper are pushed/come together, after a short amount of time an egg should be on the floor. Soon enough, the egg starts jumping and hatches into a new creeper!

Technical Details Edit

Clock Type 1) Comparator Clock
Clock Speed 1) 2,5Hz
Commands per pulse 1) 24
Nested Commands per pulse 1) 3

Command OverviewEdit


Scoreboard Objectives Edit

Objective Name Description
GM4_toBreed Creeper egg hatch timer

saves whether an creeper has produced offspring before

GM4_Gender A Creeper's gender

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History Edit

Date Change
28 Oct 2014 Released Social Creepers