Sparks is the founder of Gamemode 4 and co-founded both the Accidental Games YouTube channel and the Gamemode 4 Server with Crazyman47. Sparks is an active member of the Patchwork YouTube group, co-owner of the Accidental Let's Play (ALP) server, inactive member of World of Madness server and was an organizer for Mineathon 2015.

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Sparks is 22 years old and currently resides in Britain. He met his friend and partner Crazyman in school and began a YouTube channel with him in 2013.


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Accidental Games @AccidentalGames
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On October 18, Sparks (and Crazyman47) sadly turned into a zombie.

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Mineathon Edit

Mineathon is a yearly Minecraft charity marathon centred around a central Minecraft server comprised of vanilla command block mini-games - the event is livestreamed and encourages donations from viewers towards a certain charitable cause selected by Mineathon fans each year.

Sparks volunteered to host the Mineathon servers for 2014 and also to build a command block mini-game for the 2014 event. The servers actually used were donated by a Minecraft server hosting company for the weekend but Sparks continued to be a command block mapmaker. His project was "Hide 'n' Seek" - unfortunately, it was unable to be used during the event because it was too taxing on the server's resources and made other games more unplayable. Sparks and Crazyman47 livestreamed the full 24h Mineathon 2014 was planned for.

For Mineathon 2015, Sparks was selected as one of the main organizers. He travelled to Canada for the Unplugged Expo, a prominent sponsor for Mineathon 2015, and represented Mineathon during the 3 day expo and also the 3 days Mineathon was scheduled to last. After the event, Sparks announced he was no longer going to work with Mineathon.

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Sparks is currently working on several projects. He is updating the modules to 1.9, and showcasing the creation of his Minecraft minigame "Foxy Boxes".

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  • Sparks uses Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing[1].
  • Although Sparks deals with programming, he's been notoriously bad at counting up in numbers.
  • When something technical goes wrong, a common joke is to state "#blamesparks" - the origin of the hashtag was a Sparks-run livestream and the stream would shut off at random intervals; the stream chat would type out "#blamesparks" on every instance.

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