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This module lets you push spawners in and out of minecarts using pistons to move them around, making minecarts a more useful method of transportation.

Details Edit

This module allows you to more easily transport spawners.

Spawner to Minecart Edit

To get a spawner into a minecart, you need to place a piston facing down and a redstone block above the spawner you want to pick up. When placing or moving a minecart below the spawner, the minecart will pick up the spawner if it contains one of the different mobs you can get from Soul Shards, or one of the Upgraded Spawners mobs. If the spawner is not compatible, red particles will appear at the spawner's location.


Putting a spawner into a minecart

Minecart to Spawner Edit

When a Minecart Spawner goes over a redstone block with an activator rail on top of it and if the block above the minecart is air, the spawner will be ejected. This will not work if it is another redstone power source, or a redstone block anywhere else.


Ejecting a spawner from a Minecart

Supported Spawners Edit

Group Mobs
Passive Cow, Mooshroom, Sheep, Pig, Chicken, Rabbit, Horse, Ocelot, Wolf, Squid, Villager
Overworld Creeper, Skeleton, Spider, Zombie, Slime, Enderman, Witch, Guardian, Cave Spider, Silverfish, Endermite
Nether Ghast, Magma Cube, Zombie Pigman, Blaze
Upgraded Spawners Charged Creeper, Wither Skeleton, Spider Jockey, Zombie Villager, Elder Guardian, Rainbow Sheep, Chicken Jockey, Killer Bunny, Empty Spawner

Bugs Edit

Spawners can duplicate if picked up by a moving minecart, a fix is currently being worked on.

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History Edit

Date Change
16 May 2015 Released Module to Hermitcraft Gamemode 4.
20 Jun 2015 Released Module to Public.
24 Jun 2015 Fixed broken hyper spawner caused by slowing down clock for public release.
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