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Not to be confused with Buried Treasure, the Mysterious Midnights expansion.

A module designed to make underwater more interesting, this will allow fortune tools to dig up buried goodies from in the sand: some common, some rare, including blocks, messages-in-bottles, seaweed, and squid. There's a variety of items you can find! Only sand in deep water will uncover treasure.


Treasure drops can only be obtained by mining sand blocks when the following conditions are met:

  • The sand block is broken with a tool enchanted with Fortune I, Fortune II or Fortune III
  • There is a water source block at the player's feet, head and four blocks above the player's feet.

Practically this means treasure can only be found in sand if the player is in at least 5 blocks deep of water and submerged.

The chance of a sand block dropping treasure increases with the level of fortune on the tool used:

Enchantment Chance of a treasure drop
No Fortune Enchant 0%
Fortune 1 5%
Fortune 2 17%
Fortune 3 25%

Items Found[]

If a sand block is randomly chosen to become a treasure item, it may spawn a squid, a guardian or one of 12 items (one of those items is a message-in-a-bottle item; there are 20 possible messages to find).

Item Item Name Chance Rarity Description
Bone 20% Common
Seaweed 20% Common Double-tall grass renamed to "Seaweed"
Squid Spawns 15% Common A squid is spawned at the broken sand block
Message In A Bottle 10% Common 20 possible messages, See the Dearest Audrey page for full list.
Moss Stone 10% Common
Prismarine Crystals 5% Rare
Prismarine Shard 5% Rare
Bottle O' Enchanting 2.5% Epic
Gold Ingot 2.5% Epic
Guardian Spawns 2.5% Epic A guardian is spawned at the broken sand block
Leather Boots 2.5% Epic
Sponge 2% Epic
Waders 2% Epic Renamed golden boots with Depth-Strider I enchantment
Treasure Chest 0.5% Legendary A chest containing mysterious goodies


Achievements (1.9)[]

Finding all Dearest Audrey letters will unlock the All My Audreys achievement.

See More[]

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Date Version Change
20 Feb 2015 1.0 Created Sunken Treasure
18 Apr 2015 1.0 Fixed startup issue with 1-click and improved randomizer
10 Sept 2017 2.0 Updated to 1.12