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This module is a Stand Alone Module. It does not require any other module to function properly.

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Ever felt the need to save a loved one? Sharing the "Love <3" is now possible! Sweethearts is a module that lets you transfer health between two players via the use of any Minecraft flower.

Details Edit

To transfer health, hold any type of flower and crouch next to a player. While you are crouching, your health will slowly deplete as it is transferred to the other nearby player. There is no net loss or net gain of total health during the process.

Note: You can only transfer health to one other player at a time. It is possible for a healing player to transfer all of their health to another injured player, thus killing the healer.

Technical Details Edit

Clock type 1) Falling Sand Clock
Clock speed 1) 1,43Hz (Once every 14 ticks)
Commands per pulse 1) 19 (Needs confirmation)
Nested commands per pulse 1) 19 (Needs confirmation)

See More Edit

Watch youtube 2 Website

History Edit

1.9+ Edit

Date Version Change
11 March 2017 2.0 Module was publicly released
10 Jun 2017 2.1 Updated to 1.12

Bugs Edit

1.11 Edit

None Known

Gallery Edit