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This page is based on something completely made by the community. It is in no way official.

Synchronized Swimming started as a joke during the Apple Trees module when someone asked if the pool could be opened and quickly became more. It became an art. It's a sport started by PlantMiner_ with help from SkyLegendary by gathering a team to form a circle and was given inspiration as the joke developed.


There are several moves the synchronized swimmers use


Saying RESET or CIRCLE will have the group form a circle at the bottom of the pool. Simply put, this is used to restart the group.


Saying RIGHT or LEFT will move the group in the desired direction. An easy way of doing this is by following the person right or left of you.


Saying SWITCH will make the group switch spots with the person opposite of them. This is one of the suggested ones and deemed Spark's favorite move out of all the maneuvers.


Saying BACK will make the team move backwards. This move was used to combat the switch move but wasn't as effective. This went through two different forms. In the first edition, each member will move back from their spot and away from the circle forming a slightly larger circle. Then they would group back together to form a regular circle. In the second edition each member would turn around and walk in that direction, wait a few seconds then walk backwards into position. This was a complete failure.


Saying RISE or UP or SPIN will cause the group to swim up while spinning in circles.


Saying IN will make the team snuggle up together and sneak. Once huddled up, they would start shaking their heads rapidly as if snuggling together. Once the leader backs out, the team copies.


Saying HIGH-FIVE will make the group punch each other. Traditionally, this is said after a complete show or after a successful practice. According to Sparks, this was codename for Underwater fist-fight.


Synchronized Swimming only lasted for one stream however and it's just had no chance of coming back especially with the new layout of the stream map. It also went through many teams with the originals leaving the group and having new members but PlantMiner_ and SkyLegendary always stayed.