TahitiEstablished by DrAwesome_Phd and TheAmazingNate

Tahiti was a town on the Public Server II located at -2350 6000. It was co-founded by TheAmazingNate and DrAwesome_Phd and was created as a place of beauty, while mixing fun, style and creativity.

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Tahiti was located west from Mesa and covered a part of a savanna biome, where the founders' bases as well as a few smaller houses were located. Most of the residential builds were, however, built on an island, which was located south from mainland Tahiti.

Tahiti also expanded away from the savanna into a desert with Sandy City - a town built in the middle of a desert. It consisted mainly buildings made out of sandstone, dark oak wood and greens, such as leaves or vines. The project started out as a town by ToffeeMax, which later on merged with Tahiti.

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  • New Tahiti - An island with beautiful landscape featuring most of Tahiti's houses and a town hall.
  • Sandy City - A surprisingly lively sandstone city in the middle of the desolate desert dunes. Created mainly by ToffeeMax.
  • The French Memorial - After the November 2015 attacks on Paris, a memorial was created in Sandy City for players to leave supportive messages and voice opinions surrounding the attacks.
  • Tahiti Farms - Tahiti also contains a few industrial farms, such as a gold farm or one of the many ocean monuments, which was transformed into a guardian farm. Most of these were built by DrAwesome_Phd.

Nether Edit

Both Tahiti and Sandy City were accessible via Nether from Mesa's Nether Hub, by following the west tunnel. Going left at the end of the tunnel led to New Tahiti, while going right took the player to Tahiti's Nether Hub. The Hub itself was made mainly out of sandstone and dark oak wood and was lit up by redstone lamp. Just outside the hub was a path to the French Memorial and Sandy City, which was made out of sandstone and decorated with leaves.

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