This module is a Reliant Module. It requires Custom Crafter to do some/all of its functions.
The Teleport Halo was the fourth way to pay for a teleport on the Public Server II. It allowed the user to teleport with no XP, in their inventory or in their bank, and with no wait/cooldown. This was the fastest and cheapest way to teleport, but was very expensive to craft.

Crafting Edit

The Teleport Halo was quite expensive to craft. If you were up for the challenge, you'd craft the Halo by following the recipes below.

Cores Edit

You first needed three town cores - a Mesa one, an Ice Spikes one and a Plains one.

Name Ingredients Custom Crafter Description
Mesa Core Gold Block, Bottles o' Enchanting, Nether Star, Dead Bushes, Red Sandstone
Ice Core Diamond Block, Bottles o' Enchanting, Nether Star, Packed Ice, Snow Blocks
Plains Core Emerald Block, Bottles o' Enchanting, Nether Star, Slimeballs, Grass Blocks

Teleport Halo Edit

Name Ingredients Custom Crafter Description
Teleport Halo Bottles o' Enchanting, Ender Eyes, Mesa Core, Ice Core, Plains Core, Beacon, Yellow Hat
The Yellow Hat is made by combining a leather helmet and a dandelion yellow.

When a halo was inside a player's inventory, it was cleared and they were given a score. Players with the score bypassed the cooldown and teleported for free.

Gallery Edit


The particles produced by the Halo when near a Teleporter

History Edit



30 Sep 2015 Added module to Public Server II.

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