This page is about the Public Server II of Teleporters. For the Public Server III, visit Public Server III Teleporters.

The Teleporters module was added to the Public Server II, it allowed the user to teleport between the three different areas on the server at a cost of 5 experience levels per teleport. This module was exclusive to the Public Server II and is not available to install.

Details Edit

Unlike many teleporters included by mod packs, teleporters could not be created by players, rather they are fixed points on the server. There are no plans to add new teleport locations to the world. Their purpose is to cause more of the server's land to be used, link far points on the map and spread out players more, reducing lag and land disuputes with the server's large number of players.

Using the Teleporter Edit

A player wishing to teleport themselves simply standed on the obelisk and waited about 5 seconds, during this time a few fire particles would appear around the player, and they would quickly teleport to the corresponding destinations' arrival pad. The three destinations were The Mesa, The Ice Spikes and The Plains.

There were several ways that teleporters could be used:

Standard Player Teleportation Edit

A player standing upon the teleporter with five or more experience levels was able to teleport to their desired location at the cost of those 5 levels. This is the simplest method and is the first available option to a new player.

Paying from your Enderchest Edit

If a player had at least 5 levels (56 orbs) stored in their Ender Chest then the player could pay for the teleportation via their Ender Chest balance at the cost of 56 orbs. This was a potentially cheaper method since if you had 30 levels on your person and payed 5 of those to teleport, that's would be a lot more than 56 orbs. Ender Chest charges were only incurred if the player had less than 5 levels on them when standing on the teleporter obelisk. Otherwise the player would be charged directly.

Teleporting Non-Player Entities Edit

It was possible to send entities (other than armour stands) from one teleport location to another. This could be used to move things such as mobs and minecarts quickly across the map. Dropping 5 Bottles o' Enchanting onto the center of the pad would cause the closest non-item entity to the center of the pad, while also on the pad, to be teleported.

Free Teleportation with the Teleport Halo Edit

The Teleport Halo was an expensive, custom crafted item that players can craft to allow them to teleport for free. The crafted item is consumed by the player (deleted once placed in the player's inventory) so it cannot be shared. This is an end-game item for long time players.

Unstable Ender Dimension Holes Edit

Unstable Ender Dimension Holes (UEDH) were craftable items that when thrown would teleport the nearest player randomly to a spawn town. These were later disabled, due to mass trolling and frustration among the server members.

History Edit

Date Change
13 Sep 2015 Added module to Public Server II.
20 Sep 2015 Players can now pay via ender chest. Also lag has been reduced.
21 Sep 2015 Entities can now be teleported using bottles o' enchanting.
30 Sep 2015 Added compatability with the Teleport Halo
11 Oct 2015 Added Unstable Ender Dimension Holes, which can teleport you to a teleporter hub.

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